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Join us May 8-10, 2017 for an open course, Managed Pressure Drilling 101 at the Murchison Drilling Schools Training Center in Stafford, Texas.

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This comprehensive course is a three-day, close-up study of managed pressure drilling including basic concepts of the pressure window in addition to more in-depth exposure to operational processes and equipment. This is an operational course that includes some in-class problem solving and hand calculations. This course is intended to be both an in-depth introduction for managers as well as a primer for those who will be directly involved in managed pressure drilling operations prior to rig-specific training, or for engineers who wish to become involved in planning and job design.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Introduction to MPD
  • Common Drilling Problems
  • Analysis of Drilling Problem Causes
  • Goals of MPD
  • Engineering Basic Concepts of MPD
  • MPD Solution Screening
  • Operations Processes
  • Overview of Techniques
  • Equipment Round Up
  • MPD Well Control
  • Case Histories
  • Planning Software Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cost/Availability/Economics
  • Future of MPD