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Join us for an open course in Advanced Casing Design at the Murchison Drilling Schools Training Center in Stafford, Texas October 17-19, 2016.

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This Advanced Casing Design course is a three-day tubular fundamentals course including basic concepts of axial, burst, and collapse in addition to more advanced theory on biaxial, triaxial, and thermal loads including Annular Pressure Build-up (APB) and wellhead movement. This is a theory course and includes hand calculations and exercises. Participants are recommended to complete this course prior to taking a StressCheck™ or WellCat™ course. This course is ideal for drilling engineers and engineers requiring tubular theory fundamentals.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Casing Design Philosophy
  • Casing/Tubing Types and Functions
  • Design Engineer’s Responsibility
  • Formation Pressures and Margins
  • Casing Seat Selection Methods, Top Down and Bottom Up
  • Kick Margin & Kick Tolerance
  • Design Factors and Safety Factors
  • Why Design Factors are Meaningless Unless Tied to a Load Case Scenario
  • API Pipe Equations & Ratings
  • Axial, Burst, and Collapse
  • Max Load Case Method
  • Uniaxial Design
  • Graphical Design Method
  • Effective Collapse
  • Biaxial Collapse
  • Triaxial (VME) Analysis
  • Buckling
  • Temperature Effects
  • Pressure Effects
  • API and Proprietary Connections
  • Corrosion and Sour Service Issues
  • Material Selection
  • Deepwater Issues
  • Annular Pressure Buildup and Mitigation
  • Wellhead Growth and Related Issues
  • StressCheck™ Demo
  • When to Use StressCheck™ and When to Use WellCat™


Lecture, exercises, hand calculations, tests, PowerPoint slides and discussion.

Participants should bring a scientific calculator and Halliburton Red Book (optional).